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Edge Banding Service

Edge banding is commonly found on the narrow edges of veneered or laminate engineered panels used in cabinet and furniture making. Applying edge banding by hand with a standard household iron, or even with smaller machines, can be time consuming and almost always leads to an inferior finished product compared to products run through an automated edge banding machine. 

Let us take the process out of your hands and at the same time provide you and your customers with a higher quality finished product. 

Our equipment features pre-milling, a process of removing a small amount of the panel edge prior to applying the edge banding. This creates a better glue surface and results in a smaller glue line between the panel and the edge banding. Our machinery also automatically trims, radius scrapes, and buffs the edge banding taking the manual labor and human error out of the process. 

Contact us today for a quote for all your edge banding needs!

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